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Miss Sophia is the best teacher in the whole wide world!- Liz Cox—6 years old

As a mom, I have so appreciated Sophia’s patience and compassion for my 2 boys as they embarked on the violin journey. Her understanding of our family’s specific needs and goals has been most encouraging. -Laurie Mosin

What I liked about playing violin was that is is extremely fun and I loved playing with Miss Sophia! I will miss you! -Ellen Tuttle -8 years old

Dear Sophia,
Thank you so much for being my teacher. You are the best teacher I have ever had. You will always have a place in my heart. I will miss you. Love Simone Cavtela—14 years old

(Hello) My name is Leslie,
I have been taking lessons with Sophia about three years now. I was really nervous at first, but with Sophia’s patience and kindness it been a fun learning experience. I started playing at 37 so I thought I was too old. I admire people who can play the violin like Sophia. The violin is a hard instrument to play. When I play the violin it relaxes me and I am proud of myself when I master a song. Thank you Sophia! -Leslie -37 years old

I like the violin because it is challenging and fun to play. I love music. I find the violin a beautiful instrument. Sophia is the best teacher. Sophia is nice and makes violin lessons fun.- Abby—9 years old

I’ve enjoyed playing the violin for three years. You have helped and encouraged me even when it seemed hopeless. Thank you. You have been such a great teacher.—Olivia Adolphsen- 12 years old